Mass recruitment

Despite the seeming simplicity of mass staff recruitment, it is a time-consuming and often uneasy process. Sometimes production and operating personnel takes more than a half of organization’s headcount and ensures the smooth operational work of the company.

Mass recruitment for the company of even a 100 people demands a dedicated recruiter who possesses special skills, good understanding of the market and relies on efficient sources of candidates’ search and attraction. For Overtime Staff, mass recruitment of operating and production personnel is one of the key competencies. During long-time cooperation with customers, we have gathered solid candidates’ experience and sources for job advertising and sourcing, as well as reliable methods of work.

Our recruiters pay close attention to hiring planning procedures, e.g. defining the basic criteria for potentially successful employees, compiling an attractive job description, on time reporting. They treat deadlines seriously and provide timely feedback. Upon request face-to face interviews and applicant’s testing can be conducted on-site with the client. Our recruiters can also provide the client with detailed recruitment schedule. Candidate selection process progresses in accordance with the primarily developed work plan and normally includes initial screening, candidates’ testing, job duties and responsibilities clarification.

We can also inform potential new hires on the benefits package in more details. If an employee’s probation period performance is unsatisfactory, we will find replacement with no additional charges to the client.

Our cooperation will be fruitful, since Overtime Staff recruitment experts:

  • carefully identify requirements;
  • regularly report on the hiring process;
  • provide timely feedback;
  • efficiently communicate with candidates.