Outstaffing is provision of temporary personnel that works on the customer premises but is officially employed by service provider. This business model allows the client company to focus on core business competencies. By implementing this model our customers reduce the administrative burden on the departments responsible, e.g. human resources and finance, overcome the workforce limitations, gain more flexibility in production capacity and costs. Moreover staff training and development initiatives can be better implemented in-house, when paperwork formalities become the responsibility of specialized and trustworthy organization.

Overtime Staff offers outstaffing services with:

  • operational personnel;
  • temporary and seasonal workers;
  • those, employed for the period of installation or other special activities;
  • -customer care employees (call center, service center, IT service).

Outstaffing can be also set up for advisory positions or other employees upon request.

Our pricing includes:

  • full personnel records management;
  • accounting and payroll;
  • taxes and related obligatory payments.

How does it works?

We determine final cost individually for each client, taking into account the number of employees, client’s taxation system, the scope of work and services, etc.